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Business Coffee Roaster - Roast Types

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Choosing the Right Coffee Roast

For a business coffee roaster, the world of gourmet coffee is very complex when thinking about all the different combinations you can think of for coffee for an office coffee service. For example, you may have a slight roasted coffee from Asia, Hawaii velvety coffee or dark roasted coffee from Jamaica, or any combination of these and more! Find the perfect gourmet coffee to your taste and the flavor can be a journey. Of deciding what you like roasted coffee should start.

Roast Categories

When we talk about business coffee roasts there are three typical categories: light, medium and dark. However, it should be noted that each category has different kinds of roasts. For example, the light category contains at least three different roasts of coffee, are all easy. Choosing what you prefer for your roast is the first step in the search for the perfect gourmet office coffee!

Cinnamon, New England and the American roast: When we come to talk about the light roast we have three levels in mind. There is a very light and a medium dark cinnamon roast which is American. Roast cinnamon is light brown, with subtle aromas of toasted grain and sharp acid tones. Roast New England is a moderate light brown and is the most popular coffee in the Notheastern United States, hence the name. American Roast is a medium roast, but light is also very popular


The Mid-roast contains the following levels: City roast and roast Full City. City Roast is a medium brown and more popular in the United States. This is a high level of support and displays the perfect taste properties of good coffee beans. The City is full of medium dark brown with occasional traces of very dark. The city is full and good with typical highlights and a bittersweet taste.

The last category level of business coffee roasting category is dark. This category has the following dishes: Vienna, French, Spanish and Italian roast. Vienna is a moderate coffee; dark brown with light surface oil, notes, bitter-sweet, rich caramel-y flavor and muted acidity. French roasted dark brown, shiny, burnt tones and no acid. Italian is very dark, slender body and is commonly used for espresso blends. Roasted Spanish, darkest of all, is very dark brown, almost black and very bright colors, where coal tar can dominate these beans. If you want to use a business coffee machine, you can purchase online office coffee from this website.

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