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Buy Gourmet Office Coffee

Are you leaving your employees to start their day with stale tasting supermarket coffee to start their day? This is the quick fix, but to help your staff to look forward to the start of their day, why not buy gourmet office coffee from a commercial coffee roaster and show them you really care.

Even though supermarket coffee is the mainstay for the majority of companies, you can stand out by offering a fresh roasted and shipped gourmet coffee in your break room or office kitchen. You'll get the same convenience and great price, but much higher quality, guaranteed fresh. You'll have a lot happier staff and your guests will be impressed. You can buy gourmet office coffee directly from this online coffee vending website and easily keep your office kitchen stocked with the best coffee along Colorado's front range.

Gourmet Office Coffee

There are several ways you can purchase fresh gourmet coffee from the Great American Coffee Company: 1) ready to go one-pot packs available in different pre-measured strengths, 2) whole beans for a custom grind and brew, and 3) ground bulk coffee.

Gourmet coffees are those blends that are specifically chosen to achieve a particular taste to accommodate different preferences. Typically, they are made from a combination of Arabica beans grown in countries in Central America, Africa and the South Pacific. These coffees are grown at high altitudes, hand-picked and sun dried. The typical supermarket coffee is grown at lower altitudes, machine harvested, mechanically dried and over roasted. There is a difference in price, but that difference is understandable once you've compared supermarket coffee with that from a local gourmet coffee roaster like the Great American Coffee Company.

Most supermarket coffee comes from primarily Robusta coffee beans that are mass harvested at low altitudes. The beans are not as effectively separated into quality classes, but rather all mixed together, the good with the bad, and treated as a commodity without considering the gourmet quality of the high quality Arabica, high altitude, beans.

Those who have never tasted gourmet coffee think of coffee only as either strong or weak, not considering the aromas and flavors of the beans themselves and how they are roasted as contributing to the taste of their coffee. To get a rich, aromatic, great tasting cup of coffee, you've got to start with great beans.

Where to Buy Gourmet Office Coffee

The fact is that there are very few gourmet coffee service companies. In fact, from the Great American Coffee Company is the only coffee roaster that specifically services the Colorado business community. It's just as easy to buy online office coffee as it is to buy cheap wholesale office coffee, so why not buy quality and show your employees that you really care about creating a preferred office environment.

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