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What are the Best Coffee Makers for Office Coffee?

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When looking for the best coffee maker for office coffee and commercial office locations there are a lot of options from which to choose. Basically though, most businesses find that there are two basic units used more frequently, these are air pot coffee makers and the more common glass pot coffee machines.

Most decisions are based on the specific needs of the office staff. In larger offices where there are quite a lot of employees drinking coffee on a regular basis, the air pots tend to be more portable. So, if you want to carry them to a conference room or into an office, the thermal container will keep the coffee hot for quite a long time.

Traditional glass pots are great for point of use coffee stations where you can have both regular and decaffeinated keeping hot at the same time, and a third brewing. The burners do not remain hot continuously, so you need to time your brew so that it's ready when your employees are ready to drink it. You can also keep the burner hot, but care should be taken when the coffee pot gets low.

Some people like to use Air Pot brewers because they do a great job a keeping coffee hot for quite a long time, without requiring a hot burner or electricity. Because of its excellent thermal capacity, the coffee also helps keep the fresh brewed flavor of the coffee.

When there is a choice between these two styles keep in mind the use patterns and physical location needs of your employees. Many offices use both, since for most situations people like to take a brief brake and walk to the office kitchen for a quick cup, while at other times the portability of the air pot comes in quite handy. Both of these units can be auto-fed via a filtered water feed.

A coffee maker grinder can also be an asset for those who prefer to purchase whole groumet coffee beans. For a small cappuccino coffee maker this can be useful, but usually in a larger office setting, you'll find most coffee maker reviews indicate that fresh packed in individual pouches services best for typical commercial coffee makers. 

Single serve coffee makers usually require coffee pods. These pods are individually brewed in a single service coffee maker enabling employees to pick and choose from several different types of coffee.

The simplest solution is usually the best, so evaluate your needs and discuss them with your office coffee company prior to installation. To review some of the more common office coffee makers available, review our Office Coffee Makers.

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