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Coffee Service Customers Demand Gourmet Coffee At Work

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With the explosion of the gourmet coffee industry, office coffee services have stepped up and provided local micro roast specialty coffees to ever more picky employees and coffee lovers. Lots of people are now drinking specialty teas and coffees on a daily basis at work.

It may be due to the variety of shops as well as cafes that now specialize in such a wide variety of coffee drinks and have turned into social centers in many communities. Office coffee service stations at work have also become more popular in recent years.

What we've found over the past ten years providing beverage services, especially coffee services that company employees regard a high quality coffee office service as a true benefit that shows the company cares about its staff and sees the benefit in bringing in true gourmet coffee service companies.

Busy executives and staff who are constantly on the go, tend to love the convenience of an inside coffee service office coffee station where they can have access to company provided snacks and food services. Many businesses will set up a gourmet coffee service in each kitchen throughout the business.

The Great American Coffee Company provides both gourmet tea and coffee to businesses in Colorado's front range communities. This includes a coffee delivery service that includes fresh roasted coffee delivered within a day or two straight from our Denver based coffee roasting facility.

In addition to our own specialty coffees, we provide other brand coffee services including Starbucks, Peets Coffee and even Folgers, including decaffeinated and flavored coffee to suit any taste.  With specialty coffees like these employees don't have to leave the office to find a great tasting coffee, enabling them to be more productive at work.

Coffee service equipment is included with most office services. Each coffee station is equipped with fresh filtered water to feed the coffee makers, thereby providing the best tasting beverage and improving the ability of commercial coffee machines to provide a high quality beverage.

What some call a kaffe service, or gourmet coffee service is the end result: Happy employees, excellent service and a more productive staff.

The specialty tea and coffee service is quite competitive, but very few vendors are professional coffee roasters and have the ability to deliver the quality provided by the Great America Coffee Company.

Your average service can't provide the unique blends that a small micro roaster can. We are proud to be one of a kind in our market, providing gourmet coffee service and equipment to Colorado companies with personalized service that can't be matched by larger companies.

For a coffee tasting, go ahead and click below. Or, you can order directly online is you have a small office or are in a location outside of our service area.

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