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Our Local Delivery for Office Coffee Service includes:

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  • Free coffee Service Supplies delivery, restocking, cleaning and equipment servicing
    (Click for Delivery Area Map).

  • Free Coffee Brewer with order of 2+ cases/month.

  • 10% automatic discount per case with minimum
    order of 10 cases per month.
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Fresh Roasted House Coffees

Café Colorado1.5oz/42ct
Café Colorado2.0oz/42ct
Café Colorado2.5oz/42ct
Breakfast Blend1.3oz/42ct
Breakfast Blend2.0oz/42ct
Breakfast Blend2.5oz/42ct
House Blend1.1oz/42ct
House Blend1.3oz/42ct
House Blend1.5oz/42ct
House Blend2.0oz/42ct
House Blend2.5oz/42ct
House Blend5.0oz/20ct
100% Colombian1.5oz/42ct
100% Colombian2.0oz/42ct
100% Colombian2.5oz/42ct
French Roast1.5oz/42ct
French Roast2.0oz/42ct
French Roast2.5oz/42ct
Brazilian Blend1.3oz/42ct
Brazilian Blend2.0oz/42ct
Brazilian Blend2.5oz/42ct
Roaster's Blend Decaf1.3oz/42ct
Roaster's Blend Decaf2.0oz/42ct
Roaster's Blend Decaf2.5oz/42ct
Roaster's Blend Decaf5.0oz/20ct
Sumatra Single Origin2.0oz/42ct

Other Stocked Coffees

Starbucks House Blend2.5oz/18ct
Starbucks Breakfast Blend2.5oz/18ct
Starbucks Decaf2.5oz/18ct
Starbucks Sumatra2.5oz/18ct
Starbucks French Roast2.5oz/18ct
Starbucks Verona2.5oz/18ct
Starbucks Pike Place2.5oz/18ct
Starbucks Pike Place Decaf2.5oz/18ct
Starbucks Veranda Blend2.5oz/18ct
Seattle's Best2.5oz/42ct
Seattle's Best Decaf2.5oz/42ct
Folgers Decaf0.8ox/42ct

Packaged Teas

Bigelow Teas - 28 per package
Raspberry Royal
Constant Comment
Lemon Lift
Orange and Spice
Apple Cinnamon
Green Tea
Darjeeling Blend
Cinnamon Stick
English Tea Time
I Love Lemon
Cranberry Apple
Mint Medley
Cozy Chamomile
Earl Grey
Tazo Teas - 24 per package
Wild Sweet Orange
Celestial Seasonings - 25 per package
Mandarin Orange Spice
Red Xinger
Lemon Zinger
English Breakfast
Raspberry Zinger
Authentic Green Tea
Green Tea (Honey Lemon Ginseng)
Mint Spice
Cinnamon Apple Spice
Peppermint Tea
Earl Grey
Black Cherry Berry
Lipton Teas 100ct
Lipton Brisk
Lipton Decaf

Juices Beverages

Welch's 48ct/6oz
Orange Juice
Grape Juice
Apple Juice
V-8 48ct/6oz
V-8 Juice Regular
Very Fine 24ct/12oz
Pink Grapefruit
Crystal Lite 30ct

Hot Drinks

Swiss Miss
Apple Cider0.77oz/24ct
Hot Chocolate50ct
Hot Chocolate w/marsh50ct
Hot Chocolate Sugar Free24ct
Kayo (For Vending)
Hot Chocolate12x1lb
French Vanilla Cappuccino6x2lb


Lipton Soups 6/15ct
Chicken Soup
Chicken Noodle
Spring Vegetable
Low Fat Spring Vegetable
Tomato Soup
Cream of Chicken Soup
Beef Noodle Soup
Hearty Chicken

Bottled Water

Individual Water Bottles16oz/32ct


Sugar Canister20oz/24ct
Sugar Packets1000ct
Equal Packets100ct
Equal Packets500ct
Sweet & Low100ct
Sweet & Low1000ct


Regular Creamer Canister12oz/24ct
Coffeemate Original11oz/12ct
Coffeemate Lite Canister11oz/12ct
French Vanilla15oz
Carnation Liquid Creamer
Flavored Creamers
French Vanilla50ct
Sugar Free French Vanilla50ct
Vanilla Caramel50ct
Irish Cream50ct
Café Mocha50ct
Cinnamon Vanilla50ct
Half & Half
Liquid CoffeeMate Half & Half180ct
CoffeeMate Half & Half900ct

Cups, Bowls & Plates

Cone Cups4.5oz/1000ct
Cone Cups4.5oz/5000ct
Trophy Gourmet8oz/100ct
Trophy Gourmet16oz/750ct
Plastic Solo Cold Cups7oz/2000ct
Foam Cups8oz/1000ct
Foam Cups10oz/1000ct
Foam Cups12oz/1000ct
Foam Cups16oz/500ct
Squat Paper Cups10oz/1000ct
Foam Bowls12oz/200ct
Dixie 9in Plates Heavy150ct
Dixie 6in Plates Heavy125ct
Lightweight 9in Plates100ct
Lightweight 6in Plates100ct
Knives, Forks, Spoons, Stir Sticks
Dixie Knives Heavy500ct
Dixie Forks Heavy500ct
Dixie Spoons Heavy500ct
Jet Knives Light1000ct
Jet Forks Light1000ct
Jet Spoons Light1000ct
Stir Sticks Heavy1000ct
Stir Sticks Long1000ct
Other Paper Products
Coffee Filters (Free with coffee service)Sm/12pot/1000ct
Coffee FiltersMed/1.5-2gal/500ct
Coffee FiltersLg/6gal/250ct
Facial Tissue30ct
Paper Napkins500ct
Paper Towels Regular30ct
Salt & Pepper Shaker1 each
Salt Packets1000ct
Pepper Packets1000ct
Act II Butter Popcorn36ct
Act II Lite Butter Popcorn36ct
Glass Pots 
Pot Cleaner 
Palmolive Liquid Dish Soap13oz
Cascade Dishwasher Detergent20oz

Also, ask about our:

Coffee Makers

Bunn, Newco & Curtis Commercial Equipment
Pour Over Brewers
Automatic with Faucet
One-Four Pot Brewers
Single Cup Pod Brewers
Coffee Vending Cup-At-A-Time

Pure Drinking Water Systems

Water Coolers
Water Filtration Systems
RO-Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Industrial Water Filtration Systems

Please call. We install and service a wide variety of systems to fit your large capacity water purification needs.

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